A lending model is a set of purchasing and borrowing terms for digital content, determined by the publisher. You can shop from several different lending models in Marketplace:

One Copy/One User (OC/OU)

One Copy/One User (OC/OU) titles can be checked out by one person at a time, and they never expire from your digital collection.

Metered Access (MA)

Metered Access (MA) titles can be checked out by one person at a time, and they expire from your digital collection after a determined period.

Some Metered Access titles are metered by time (e.g., they expire after 12 months), some are metered by checkouts or "licenses" (e.g., they expire after 26 checkouts), and some are metered by both (e.g., they expire after the earlier of two years or 52 checkouts). You will receive an email alert when the last copy of a Metered Access title is about to expire, so you can repurchase it if you'd like.

Cost Per Circ (CPC)

With the Cost Per Circ (CPC) lending model, you only pay when your users borrow titles.

Under this lending model, you set a monthly target budget for CPC titles in each format (like ebooks or audiobooks) and add CPC titles (priced individually per circulation) to your collection. Those CPC titles can be borrowed simultaneously by an unlimited number of users, until your budget for the month and format runs out. Marketplace administrators can also set a limit on how many CPC titles in each format each individual user can borrow per month.

Simultaneous Use (SU)

Simultaneous Use (SU) titles can be checked out by an unlimited number of users simultaneously. They usually expire from your digital collection after a determined period (for example, after one year); the only exceptions are titles added through the Project Gutenberg Simultaneous Use plan, which never expire.

Simultaneous Use titles are added either as individual titles or as "plans" from specific publishers. For example, a publisher's Simultaneous Use plan might allow you to select any 50 titles from that publisher for a flat fee, and circulate those titles to an unlimited number of simultaneous users for one year. Please note that you cannot combine titles from different publishers in any Simultaneous Use plan.

Class Sets (schools only)

Some publishers offer titles as Class Sets (available for schools only). When you purchase a Class Set of a title, you purchase the exact number of copies that you need for the length of time you need. Each copy is reserved for a specific student, and will be automatically checked out to that student on your specified start date. Once your class set period ends, the Class Set copies of the title expire from your collection.

Many titles that are available as Class Sets are also available under the One Copy/One User lending model.

Learn where to find each lending model in Marketplace here.

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 05:29PM EST