Permissions required: Create/view carts, Purchase

Project Gutenberg titles are available through a free Simultaneous Use plan. The plan never expires and contains the top 1,000 (or more, depending on your country) titles from Project Gutenberg. Use the steps below to add the plan to your collection.

  1. Select Simultaneous Use from the Shop drop-down menu.
  2. Under "Ebook," select Project Gutenberg.
  3. Check Select all results and add all of the titles to your cart, or choose titles to add to your cart individually.
  4. Purchase the cart.
    Note: You'll be prompted to select a payment method to purchase the cart, but you won't be charged.

Project Gutenberg titles will appear on your OverDrive website alongside titles you purchase. They count toward users' checkout limits, expire at the end of the lending period, and are available in the OverDrive Read and Open EPUB formats.

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 05:29PM EST