There are several reasons why your Checkouts report might return different results for the same time frame, depending on when you run the report:

  • Titles may have been returned at your library's request or recalled due to a distribution mistake (i.e., the publisher didn't have the rights to sell it) since you last ran the report. When a title is removed from your collection for these reasons, any data related to the title (circulations, holds, etc.) is removed from reports.
  • Some "Pending" circulations may have been updated since you last ran a report by format. Once a "Pending" title is downloaded or opened, that circulation is updated to the appropriate format (current and historical) in your reports.
  • If you're running the report by branch, and there were branch code changes since the last time you ran the report, your results might have changed.
  • Advantage libraries: Advantage copies of consortium-owned titles may have been purchased for the first time since you last ran the report.
    For example: An Advantage library runs the report and gets data for their Advantage collection. Later, the Advantage library purchases their own copies of consortium-owned titles. The historical checkouts made by their end users on the consortium-owned copies will now appear in the report for all date ranges, along with current checkouts. So, even though the Advantage library didn't own the title when they first ran the report, the report would now include historical checkouts (by their end users) on that title.
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2019 10:56AM EDT