If your library offers CPC (Cost Per Circ) content, you need to set a monthly target budget to control how much you spend on these circulations. In rare instances, it's possible that your CPC spending can exceed your target budget.

The price of CPC titles changed

If the price of a CPC title increases around the time a user borrows it, the target budget feature may not have processed the price change yet. When you receive your CPC invoice, you'll be billed for the price of titles at the time of their checkout, not the price processed by the target budget feature.

A user doesn't have hold auto-checkout turned on

If a user doesn't have hold auto-checkout turned on, it's possible to exceed your monthly target budget when:

  1. A hold becomes available for a user to borrow before your budget is met.
  2. During the time the title is available (but not yet borrowed), your library meets its target budget.
  3. The user borrows the title (after your target budget has been met).

In this scenario, the checkout would go through and your library would be charged, even though you already met your target budget.

Your Marketplace purchases are taxed

Your monthly target budget is for the cost of CPC content before any taxes are applied. If your Marketplace purchases are taxed, it could cause you to go over your target budget.

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2019 09:36AM EST