You can see the time or checkouts remaining for a Metered Access title in your collection using the ownership statistics for an individual title or the "Title status and usage" report.

Using ownership statistics for an individual title

Permission required: Create/view carts

  1. Make sure that One Copy/One User & Metered Access is selected from the Shop drop-down menu.
  2. Run an Advanced search (to the right of the search bar).
    • In the "Lending model" field: Enter the Metered Access model(s) you'd like to check (MA: by time, MA: by checkouts, and/or MA: earlier of x time or y checkouts).
    • In the "Holdings" drop-down: Select In collection.
  3. In the results, you'll see an Own MA: link, which displays how many Metered Access copies of that title you own.

  4. Click the Own MA link to see the number of licenses (checkouts) you have left or the title's expiration date.

Using the "Title status and usage" report

Permission required: Reports

  1. Select the Insights tab, then Reports.
  2. Select the Title status and usage report.
  3. Select Run new report.
  4. In the "Report options" window:
    • Change the "Period Type" to Specific. Select a start date and end date to see only titles that were added to your collection for the first time during that period. Or, leave the start date and end date fields blank to see all titles added since the inception of your collection.
    • Change the "Lending model" to include the Metered Access options.
  5. Click Update.

In the "Report summary" at the top of the page, you'll see the overall number of licenses (checkouts) left for all Metered Access titles in your collection, plus the number of titles that have 0 licenses remaining. In the report details below, you can see the number of licenses owned, left, and used for individual Metered Access titles in your collection.

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2019 03:31PM EST