Permission required: Library site admin or School site admin (for shared collection accounts), Purchase (for Advantage accounts)

Advantage Plus is a feature that shared collections can enable in Marketplace to gain access to their Advantage members' titles. This feature is designed to improve title selection, availability, and circulation for all members of the shared collection. If a shared collection enables Advantage Plus, they can choose to access their Advantage members' titles in one of two ways:

  1. Advantage members can share eligible titles from their collections with the shared collection, while maintaining priority on holds for their own users.
  2. Advantage members can move eligible titles from their collections to the shared collection.

Titles are shared or moved based on criteria chosen in an Advantage Plus plan, which is set up by either the shared collection or the individual Advantage member.

How it works

First, the shared collection must enable Advantage Plus in the Advantage Plus section of Marketplace (under the Admin drop-down menu).

When enabling Advantage Plus, the shared collection decides whether eligible titles will be shared or moved. They also choose whether to create one Advantage Plus plan that sets eligible title criteria for all Advantage members, or to let each Advantage member create their own plan. If Advantage members are allowed to create their own plans, they'll see an Advantage Plus page under the Admin drop-down menu where they can do so.

Advantage Plus plans can be set up to share or move eligible titles automatically on a schedule. The account that created the plan can also review and share/move eligible titles manually at any time. Individual titles can also be excluded from Advantage Plus eligibility.

Important notes:

  • Once a shared collection enables Advantage Plus, they can't disable it.
  • Once a title is shared, moved, or excluded from eligibility, it can't be reversed.
  • If a title is moved or shared, all copies of that title are moved or shared.

To learn how Advantage Plus titles are represented in Marketplace reports, please see our help articles about shared titles in reports or moved titles in reports.

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 01:43PM EDT