On title details pages and search results pages in OverDrive Marketplace, you may see Own, Out, Holds, Holds ratio, and Pending numbers for titles that your library has already purchased (or is planning to purchase).

  • Own shows how many copies of a title your library owns, broken down by lending model: OC/OU (One Copy/One User), MA (Metered Access), and SU (Simultaneous Use).
  • Out shows how many copies of that title in your collection are currently checked out.
  • Holds shows how many copies of that title in your collection are currently on hold.
  • Holds ratio is the number of holds in your collection over number of copies you own.
  • Pending means that one or more copies of title has been added to a cart for your library, but not purchased yet. You can click the "Pending" link to see which carts contain that title.

You may see a colored dot next to certain figures, which means you can click that figure for more information. For example, you may be able to click Own MA to see the expiration date or licenses left for a Metered Access title.

If you open a cart, you can see similar ownership information for titles in that cart, including Pending and Own figures, plus Activity figures that show the title's circulation and holds activity.

Advantage numbers

If you belong to a shared collection, you may see two sets of numbers (one showing the figures for the shared collection, and one showing the figures for Advantage collections):

On the first line, "Adv Plus shared" is the number of copies of that title that all Advantage members have shared with the shared collection. Advantage accounts will also see an "Adv Plus shared" figure on the "Advantage" line, which is the number of copies from your Advantage collection that have been shared with the shared collection.

To see figures for your Advantage collection only, make sure you're signed into your Marketplace Advantage account.

Copies shared through Advantage Plus are counted towards the shared collection's holds ratio.

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 04:09PM EDT