We recommend that you manage content access levels for titles right after you purchase them. We also recommend that you separate and name your carts by access level (e.g. "juvenile fiction") so you can easily assign the same access levels to all of the titles in your cart.

Once you purchase a cart:

  • Newly purchased titles will have your default access levels.
  • Titles that you've purchased in the past will have the access levels that you previously assigned to them.

If you want to confirm or change the access levels for newly purchased titles, follow the steps below.

How to select content access levels for newly purchased titles

Permission required: Content access levels

  1. After you purchase a cart, click the Content access levels page link on the "Purchase receipt" page.
  2. The Content access levels tool will open, displaying all of the titles you just purchased.
    • To edit the access level(s) for an individual title, click the pencil icon next to the title.
    • To edit the access level(s) for a group of titles, check the box next to each title (or at the top of the column to select the whole page), then click the Edit Access Levels button in the upper-right corner of the grid.
      Note: If your cart has multiple pages, make sure to check the access levels on each page.
  3. In the pop-up window that opens, edit the access level(s) for your chosen title(s), then click Confirm.

When the titles become available on your OverDrive website, they will have your assigned content access levels.

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 09:03AM EST