By default, all Marketplace users have access to the News and Support tabs. Marketplace user permissions determine what else a user can do when they're signed into their Marketplace account.

User permissions are separated into three categories: Admin, Purchasing, and Shopping. Learn more about the individual permissions below.


  • End-user support: User can access the Manage holds feature (to move end users' positions in holds queues), the Return titles feature (to return borrowed titles from end users' accounts), the Merge user IDs feature (to merge old and new library cards or user IDs), the Reset downloads feature (to reactivate users' download links), and the View user support requests feature (to see information about the requests your end users have submitted to OverDrive Support).
  • Reports: User can access the Insights tab to view summary information and run reports. Public library users can also access the Trends and Goals pages.
  • Manage invoices: User can view invoices and set invoice frequency for their billing account.
  • Users: User can create, edit, or delete other OverDrive Marketplace users for your library or school.
  • Local content: User can upload and publish Local Content (your own ebooks, audiobooks, or video titles) for lending at your OverDrive website. User can also edit, delete, add formats, or delete formats for existing Local Content.
  • Weeding: User can access the Weeding page (under the Admin tab) to create a plan that automatically hides titles from your OverDrive website, or to hide (or unhide) individual titles manually.
  • Content access levels: User can restrict the ability to borrow and sample certain titles on your OverDrive website to specific types of end users. Learn more.
  • Title assignments: User can schedule titles in your collection to be automatically checked out to specific users for a set period of time. Learn more.
  • Library site admin (or School site admin): User can control lending settings for your OverDrive website.
  • Curate: User can create and publish curated collections.
  • Marketplace settings: User can control Marketplace settings for your library, including how user information is displayed in Marketplace reports.
  • Download MARC records: User can retrieve MARC Express files from the MARC Express deliveries page.

Users with Users, Library site admin (or School site admin), and Marketplace settings permissions (all three) are able to edit other users' locked carts and curated collections.


  • RTL Manager: User can create RTL (Recommend to Library) Manager plans that automatically create and/or purchase carts based on titles recommended by library users or students.
  • Smart List: User can create Smart Lists that automatically build carts based on your chosen criteria.
  • Purchase: User can purchase carts and content credit, and add Cost Per Circ plans. Users with this permission will also receive email notifications regarding Metered Access titles and Simultaneous Use plans. If you enable this permission, you'll be required to choose a billing account for that user's purchases.
  • Holds Manager: User can create Holds Manager plans that automatically create and/or purchase carts based on titles with holds.
  • MARC preferences: User can handle settings and subscriptions for MARC records.


Last Updated: Jun 12, 2019 10:56AM EDT