Permission required: Users

You can add, edit, or delete other OverDrive Marketplace users for your library in the Marketplace users section under the Admin tab.

Adding users

Click Add user to create a new user.

A blank profile will open where you can assign your new user a Marketplace username, contact email, role description (optional), and permissions.

You can select individual permissions for each user, or choose one of three user roles: Shopping (includes permissions listed under Shopping), Purchasing (includes permissions listed under Purchasing and Shopping), or Admin (includes all permissions). To create a user who can only submit support requests, leave all user permissions unselected. The user will only be able to access the Support and News tabs, which are the default permissions.

Note: You can't create a user who has permissions higher than your own.

Once you've created a new user, OverDrive Marketplace will send an email to the new user's email address so they can activate their account.

Editing users

Click the edit icon pencil icon next to existing users to edit their user profile and permissions, resend their OverDrive Marketplace welcome email (containing their username and sign-in instructions), or disable the Forgot your password? feature on their sign-in page.

Deleting users

Check the box next to a user, then select Delete user to delete that user.

You can delete more than one user at a time. This action can't be undone.

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 09:03AM EST