Title assignments (available for schools only) allow you to assign any One Copy/One User, Metered Access, or Simultaneous Use title in your collection to specific students for a specified date range. Once your assignment ends, the copies return to your OverDrive collection for others to borrow.

The rules of the title's lending model still apply: when you assign a title, there must be enough copies in your collection for the number of users who should receive the title, and in the case of titles that expire, the assignment length cannot exceed the title's expiration date.

Learn how to assign titles here.


  • If an assigned title is checked out by a user who isn't one of your specified students, and their copy is needed to fulfill the assignment, that user will lose access to the title once the assignment begins.
  • You'll be notified if a title expires before your assignment ends. You'll either be prompted to purchase more copies when you create the assignment, or we'll send you an email before the assignment begins (using the address entered when the assignment was created).
  • On your school's OverDrive website, assigned titles appear under Account > Checkouts.
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 05:13PM EST