If we weren't able to process one or more formats for your Local Content title, there was likely an issue with the source file you submitted for that title.

In these cases, a red message may appear on the details page for your title in Marketplace that says something like this:

We were not able to process the Adobe PDF ebook version of this title.

Choose Edit to upload a revised file.

To help correct this issue, we recommend the following steps:

  • Validate all EPUB ebooks using an EPUB validator (like this one).
  • Open any failed PDF ebooks in Adobe Acrobat, then thumb through all the pages to see if a warning dialog pops up. If it does, then there is an error with your PDF.
    • Sometimes this can be solved by resaving your file.
    • If resaving does not resolve the error, you can try validating your PDF ebooks with programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro.

While it's not a guarantee, a general guideline is that if your source file can be opened in Windows Media Player (for audio and video files) or in Adobe Digital Editions (for EPUB and PDF ebooks), it's likely that our ingestion process will accept your file.

If these tips don't resolve your issue, please contact your Account Manager (whose contact information is listed under the Marketplace Support tab).

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 05:29PM EST