Permission required: End-user support

Merging user IDs (or "barcodes") allows your users to keep their OverDrive checkouts, holds, and other account activity when they switch library cards (for example, if they lose their original card).

Use the steps below to merge user IDs:

  1. Click the Support tab, then click Merge user IDs.
  2. Enter the original ID, then click Search.
    Note: We must be able to find the original ID in our records in order to complete an ID merge.
  3. Search for or enter the ID you want to merge with from the right side of the screen.
    • If the new ID doesn't have any OverDrive activity, it won't be found in our records. In this case, proceed with the merge.
    • If you expect new ID to have OverDrive activity but it isn't in our records, confirm the ID number is correct, then search for it again before proceeding.
  4. Select the original ID, and select or enter a new ID, click Merge.
  5. Select Yes in the "Merge barcodes" pop-up window. The merge takes effect immediately, so the user can access their original account activity when they sign in with their new card right away.

Once you merge two IDs, the activity under either ID will be associated with both IDs, except in Marketplace reports.

In reports, historical activity associated with the original ID will remain associated with that ID. Any activity after the merge will be associated with whichever ID the user signs in with.

Please note that after you merge an original ID to a new ID, you can't merge the original ID again.

If you'd like to unmerge IDs, please contact OverDrive Support using our technical support form.

Last Updated: May 03, 2019 04:22PM EDT