The Title status & usage report and Purchased titles report measure different aspects of your digital collection. Title status & usage measures current title holdings and activity, while Purchased titles focuses on historical purchases of titles and their copies.

Some of the other differences between the two reports include:

Lending models

  • Title status & usage includes One Copy/One User, Metered Access, Cost Per Circ, and Simultaneous Use titles.
  • Purchased titles only includes One Copy/One User and Metered Access. For information about your Cost Per Circ or Simultaneous Use purchases, see the CPC invoicing report or Simultaneous Use orders report, respectively.

Expired Metered Access titles

  • Title status & usage shows if Metered Access titles are expired at the time you run the report.
  • Purchased titles doesn't reflect whether Metered Access titles are expired. It only shows whether Metered Access titles were purchased for the collection.

Local Content

  • Title status & usage includes Local Content titles.
  • Purchased titles excludes Local Content titles.


  • Title status & usage shows current pricing in Marketplace. If a title is available in more than one lending model at different price points, the report shows the lowest price. If a title is no longer for sale, the report shows "n/a."
  • Purchased titles shows a summary of expenditures based on the price paid at the time of purchase.
Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 11:49AM EDT