Permission required: Reports

You can find information about Local Content in the Title status & usage and Circulation activity reports (under Insights > Reports). Local Content titles have publisher values assigned by your library, so a convenient way to identify Local Content in these reports is to filter your results by publisher using the steps below.

Note: You can check the publishers for your Local Content in Marketplace by going to the Admin tab, selecting Local Content, then clicking Edit a title (this will show you information about each of your existing Local Content titles, including the publisher).

Title status & usage

  1. Run the Title status & usage report.
  2. Select Create worksheet to export your results as CSV file.
  3. Open your CSV file in a compatible program (like Microsoft Excel), then filter or sort your results by publisher. In Excel, you can do this by locating a Local Content title, right-clicking on its "Publisher" cell, and selecting Filter > Filter by Selected Cell's Value.
    Note: If you have Local Content titles with different publishers, make sure to repeat this step for each publisher.

Circulation activity

  1. Open the Circulation activity report, then select Run new report.
  2. Enter Publisher in the "Checkouts by" field.
  3. Click Update to run the report.
  4. Click on each Local Content publisher to view checkout details for the Local Content title(s) from that publisher.
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 04:27PM EST