Permission required: Library site admin or School site admin (for shared collection accounts), Purchase (for Advantage accounts)

An Advantage Plus plan determines which titles are eligible to be shared or moved from Advantage collections to shared collections through Advantage Plus. When enabling Advantage Plus, the shared collection decides to either create an Advantage Plus plan that applies to all their Advantage members, or to let each member create their own plan. Plans can be edited by the account that created them at any time.

How to create an Advantage Plus plan

If you're a shared collection creating a plan for all Advantage members, or an Advantage member allowed to set your own plan, you can create your Advantage Plus plan using the steps below.

  1. Select Advantage Plus under the Admin drop-down menu.
  2. Select CREATE NEW.

  3. Choose criteria to determine which titles are eligible to be shared or moved. Possible criteria include latest checkout date, active checkouts or holds (for shared titles only), format (ebook/audiobook/video), lending model, on-sale date, date added to the Advantage collection, and preorder status.
    Note: If your shared collection has opted to move (instead of share) Advantage titles, expired titles and titles with active checkouts or holds will not be moved.
  4. Choose if you'd like to run your Advantage Plus plan automatically on a schedule.
    Note: Whether or not you decide to run your plan automatically, you'll always have the option to click Review titles from the Advantage Plus landing page, review eligible titles, and share or move them manually.
  5. Select Save.

Important notes

  • Titles with copies in multiple lending models will only be eligible to be shared/moved if you choose to include all of the lending models for that title in your Advantage Plus plan.
  • For shared collections, "date added to the Advantage collection" is the date the title was most recently added to each individual Advantage collection.
  • Individual titles can be excluded from eligibility from Advantage Plus plans.
  • Once a title is shared, moved, or excluded from eligibility, it can't be reversed.
  • If a title is moved or shared, all copies of that title are moved or shared.
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 05:30PM EST