The Checkouts report (formerly called Circulation activity) lets you view all checkouts for any time period you specify. You can choose to view your checkouts by branch (if applicable), day, month, year, publisher, format, title, subject, or creator. You may also be able to narrow your report to only show checkouts from a specific lending model (e.g., One Copy/One User), website type (standard vs. mobile), source where the checkout was borrowed from (e.g., checkouts made through OverDrive APIs or from a Kids' eReading Room), and more. You'll be able to narrow your report by user type or inventory flag type (e.g., "Appropriate for juveniles") if your library or school has made such distinctions.

If you have "Marketplace settings" permission, you can also enable the display of barcodes (users’ library card numbers or usernames) in this report by adjusting your Marketplace settings (located under the Admin tab).

Important notes

  • To run this report from the inception date of your digital collection, open the report and select Run new report. In the "Report options" window that opens, make sure the "Date range" is Specific, leave the start date and end date fields blank, and click Update.
  • Due to how titles that have been historically purchased under multiple lending models are counted in this report, you may get inaccurate totals when adding up checkouts by individual lending models. To see the accurate number of unique checkouts across all lending models for your digital collection, click Run new report, then select All lending models in the "Lending model" field.
  • To view results for formats that are no longer active in your digital collection, click Run new report, then select All formats in the "Format" field.
  • "Pending" means that the user borrowed the title but didn't select a format for it (e.g., Kindle Book, OverDrive Read, Adobe EPUB, etc.). If the loan expires before the user selects a format, the format will stay "Pending."
  • If you added the Project Gutenberg Simultaneous Use plan to your collection, activity for those titles is included in this report. To see only that activity, click Run new report, then select Publisher in the "Checkouts by" field. Click Update, then sort by publisher and look for "Project Gutenberg."
  • When filtering results by user ID from the "Checkouts by Publisher" page, you'll only see titles that are currently checked out to that user ID. To protect user privacy, past checkouts won't be included.
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 03:48PM EDT